People desirous of matrimonial tie up for them or their near & dear need to click on Register on the website

One has to fill his/ her details in the form opened in first step and in next step one has to fill his/ her expectations for prospective match.

It is advised to exercise maximum flexibility in your partner preference so that your profile may be matched with maximum, thus giving you a better opportunity to exercise your choice.

The form covers almost all the information desired for search of an appropriate match through our completely automated system.

Please click Submit after completing the same. If there is any mandatory column left blank, it will be highlighted, please take the same in notice, complete it and again give a click on Submit. If no mandatory field is left blank, our system will accept your profile and you will get a confirmation mail on the mail ID you have provided.

Please remember/ store the password sent by us, it will be required by you to refresh/ edit/ close your profile.

Please check our future mails regularly on your mailbox and spam box also.

Our automated system matches your profile with profiles of opposite sex along with partner preferences of both. Finding closest proximity the prospective groom’s profiles are sent to prospective bride’s on mail ID provided.

There onwards it is left upon prospective brides family to view the profiles sent and contact the prospective groom’s family in accordance with their choice.

We continue sending more matched profiles with arrival of new profiles every day.

Please refresh your profile once in a month by using your user id and password, which gives a message to our system that you have not yet finalised a match for you and our system continues working on your profile.

The profiles sent by us can always be viewed by you by giving a click on Login button available on home page and entering your user id and password.

You can make changes in your partner preference at any point of time by editing your profile.

We humbly request you to give a click on Deactivation button as soon as you finalise a match for you so that our system may close working on your profile, in order to save any undue harrasement to anyone.

Hari Bol!